The Island of Rügen

… is Germany’s largest island (length: 52 km, width: 41 km - total size: 926 km², population: 77.000). Rügen belongs to the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and is located off the Baltic Sea coast of Pommern.

The Hanseatic City of Stralsund is known as “Gateway to Rügen”. The “Dam of Rügen” and the “Bridge of Rügen” are the only two connections to the dry land, running over the 2 km wide “Strelasund”, a sound of the Baltic Sea.

Because of it’s numerous bays & lagoons (“Bodden” & “Wieken”), peninsulas and promontories Rügen’s coastline is extremely edged, while long sandy beaches, a varied landscape with traditional thatch roofed buildings and the resort architecture allure tourists from all over the world.

In June 2011, UNESCO awarded the status of a World Heritage Site to the Jasmund National Park, famous for its vast stands of beeches and chalk cliffs like King's Chair, the main landmark of Rügen island.

Activities, Sightseeing and Tips

“Der Rasende Roland”

“Der Rasende Roland” is one of Rügen’s main attractions. The narrow-gauge railway (750 mm) connects the towns Putbus, Binz, Sellin, Baabe and Göhren with traditional, up to 100 years old steam powered locomotives and wagons on a 24,1 km track.

Boat Trips

Are you looking for a boat trip? There are many opportunities to discover the beautiful landscape from waterside. Step on the “Weiße Flotte” and go for a mini cruise through the “Bodden” of Rügen. Explore Vilm island with the shipping company “Lenz”, from April to October. Marvel at the chalk cliffs on a ship of the shipping company “Lojewski”, all along the chalk coast to the northernmost point of Rügen: Cape Arkona.

Treetop Walk

Eye to eye with mighty treetops: 4 – 17 meters above ground level, visitors will get unique impressions of the environment. A 40-meter-high observation tower in the middle of the track gives an unforgettable view over Rügen’s countryside. On totally 82 meters above sea level, it is sometimes possible to see the church towers of Stralsund and the pillars of the “Bridge of Rügen”. Some luck provided, you can watch native sea eagles on the hunt.

“Königsstuhl” - National Park Centre

The “Königsstuhl” (King's Chair) is the best-known chalk cliff on the “Stubbenkammer” in the Jasmund National Park. It lies at 118 m above sea level. It can be reached along a cliff top path, 11 kilometres long in total, that runs from Sassnitz to Lohme, or from the large car park in Hagen (in the municipality of Lohme), 3 km away. Since 2004, entry to the National Park Centre and hence access to the “Königsstuhl” has been subject to a charge.

The “Ozeaneum”

The “Ozeaneum” is a public aquarium in the German city of Stralsund. It is a main attraction of the German Oceanographic Museum (“Deutsches Meeresmuseum”), arguably one of the three largest institutions of its kind in Europe. The “Ozeaneum”, located at the historical Stralsund harbour on the Baltic coast, opened its doors in July 2008. It displays primarily sea life of the North Sea, the Baltic Sea and the northern Atlantic Ocean on an 8700 m² exhibition area. On 22 May 2010, the “Ozeaneum” received the European Museum of the Year Award in a ceremony in the Finnish town of Tampere.

Cape Arkona

Cape Arkona is a 43-meter-high cape and the northernmost point on the island of Rügen, consisting of chalk and marl. It forms the tip of the Wittow peninsula, just a few kilometres north of the Jasmund National Park. The protected landscape of Cape Arkona, together with the fishing village of Vitt, belongs to the municipality of Putgarten and is one of the most popular tourist destinations on Rügen, receiving about 800.000 visitors annually.

On the cape there are two lighthouses, a navigation tower, two military bunker complexes, the Baltic Temple Fortress of Jaromarsburg and several tourist buildings like restaurants, pubs and souvenir shops.

Motorbike and Bicycle Tours

The residence town of former Prince Wilhelm Malte zu Putbus Putbus welcomes bikers and cyclists from all over the world. For guests of the Hotel Wreecher Hof, there are many opportunities to start an interesting ride all over the largest island of Germany. With pleasure we would like to support you with the planning of your one day trip to explore Rügen´s beautiful countryside.


You would like to golf during your holidays? The island of Rügen is well prepared: For extensive golfing sessions you are welcome to visit the Golf Centre “Schloss Karnitz” or the “Golfpark Strelasund”. Enjoy the fascination of this beautiful sport in a great setting.