Sauna and Swimming Pool

Escape from everyday life stress by visiting our indoor swimming pool and enjoy the refreshing effect of the sauna, the stream bath and the infrared light cubicle. The indoor swimming pool (8,00 m x 4,00 m x 1,30 m) with an integrated simulated water flow generator is open from 07:00 am to 09:00 pm every day.

  • Sweat at 90°C in the Finnish Colour Light Sauna
  • Relax in the stream bath with eucalyptus fragrance
  • Enjoy the deep warmth of the infrared light cubicle

On your request we will heat up the sauna for you in the afternoon, so you can use it until 09:00 pm. We hand you cuddly bathrobes and big towels for free.

Tip: The frequent use of a sauna may improve the immune system, blood circulation and metabolism – for a healthy body, prepared for the next winter! Especially in the cold and stormy period of the year, it is important to improve the immune system to defend flu and other colds.